Baptiste Blachier

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Phone: +32 10 47 3155
Office: E354

I am working on theoretical Cosmology, with a focus on understanding how large-scale cosmological structures arose from quantum fluctuations in the primordial universe. By doing so, the hope is to learn more about the physical conditions that prevailed in the early universe, and to test physics at energy scales that are much larger than what can be probed in particle-physics experiments, questioning both the foundations of quantum mechanics and the nature of gravity.

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  • [1] Auclair P and Blachier B 2024 Small-scale clustering of Primordial Black Holes: cloud-in-cloud and exclusion effects
    Abstract: arXiv:2402.00600

  • 2023

  • [1] Blachier B, Auclair P, Ringeval C and Vennin V 2023 Spatial Curvature from Super-Hubble Cosmological Fluctuations Phys. Rev. D 108 123510
    Abstract: arXiv:2302.14530
    Journal: 10.1103/PhysRevD.108.123510