Disrael Camargo Neves da Cunha

Contact details

Email: disrael.camargo@uclouvain.be
Homepage: https://curl.irmp.ucl.ac.be/~neves/index.html
Current position: Research Associate

I work on searches for physics beyond the standard model. Given that a large class of models describing physics beyond the standard model predicts the appearance of topological defects, I study the consequences of these phenomena in the large scale structure (LSS) of the universe. My work involves performing numerical computations that simulate these effects to find optimal statistics that extract the signal from the topological defects. The primary goal of this study is to favor or discard classes of models that extend the standard model. I used various numerical computational tools, such as N-Body simulation (CUBEP3M, Gadget, PKDGRAV3, and PICOLA) and data analysis (Curvelab, S2let).

Publications @ Inspire @ ADS @ arXiv

Publications @ CURL


  • [1] Cunha D Camargo Neves da, Ringeval C and Bouchet F R 2022 Stochastic gravitational waves from long cosmic strings JCAP 09 078
    Abstract: arXiv:2205.04349
    Journal: 10.1088/1475-7516/2022/09/078

  • 2021

  • [1] Cunha D C N da and Ringeval C 2021 Interferences in the Stochastic Gravitational Wave Background JCAP 2108 005
    Abstract: arXiv:2104.14231
    Journal: 10.1088/1475-7516/2021/08/005

  • 2020

  • [1] daCunha D C N 2020 Signature of a Cosmic String Wake at z=3 JCAP 06 016
    Abstract: arXiv:1810.07737
    Journal: 10.1088/1475-7516/2020/06/016