Christian Fidler

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Current position: Post-doctoral researcher
Place: Aachen University (Germany)

I am interested in the dynamics of the Universe, both at early times related to the CMB and at late times for the large scale structure.

I am involved in the development of the non-linear Boltzmann code SONG. This code simulates the early Universe at unrivalled precision including all standard model species.
Currently it is used to compute:
  • B mode polarisation of the CMB induced from non-linear dynamics after inflation
  • Non-Guassianity in the temperature and polarisation of the CMB from non-linear dynamics
  • Spectral Distortions in the CMB from reionisation
Working on this project I have gained valuable experience in numerical simulations and programming. I also have a good understanding of numerical mathematics and have designed several new methods fit for the computations performed by SONG.
Theoretical Cosmology
I am working on the theoretical framework related to non-linear simulations.
My work contributes to developing the framework of second-order cosmological perturbation theory. I have derived the polarised non-linear Boltzmann equations.
I am working on a new formalism for non-linear propagation of photons in curved spaces.

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