Two cosmology seminars in a row!

This Wednesday, we have not one but two cosmology seminars in a row! We have the pleasure to receive Mateo Martinelli and Alkistis Pourtsidou.

At 13:00, Mateo Martinelli (Leiden U., Euclid), will be talking about

Future constraints on parametrized modified gravity: the impact of non linear scales and of theoretical priors

In this talk I will present forecasted constraints on Modified Gravity using Galaxy Clustering and Weak Lensing measurements. I will explore different possible phenomenological parametrizations for Modified Gravity models, encoding the effects of these modifications in two generic functions (η and μ) of time and space which affect the Poisson equation and the so-called gravitational slip. I will focus on forecasts for future surveys and I will highlight the constraining power gained when including non linear scales in the analysis using phenomenological prescription for the modelling of these scales in the Modified Gravity framework. I will then discuss how it is possible to connect phenomenological parameterizations to viable theories of modified gravity, imposing theoretical conditions on the reconstructed functions.

After a coffee break, at 14:30, Alkistis Pourtsidou (Queen Mary U., SKA, Euclid) will talk about

Cosmology with neutral hydrogen (HI) intensity mapping

I will introduce the innovative technique of HI intensity mapping, which allows for precise cosmological measurements in the radio wavelength. After talking about the current status of intensity mapping measurements, I will focus on forthcoming surveys using instruments like MeerKAT/SKA and CHIME to probe dark energy as well as galaxy evolution. I will also present synergies between optical galaxy and radio intensity mapping surveys in order to probe dark energy and gravity, mitigate systematic effects, calibrate photometric redshifts, and measure primordial non-gaussianity.