Cosmology Seminar

Our next cosmology seminar takes place on Friday 24th of January, seminar room E349 at 2pm. The speaker is Disrael Camargo Neves da Cunha who have recently joined us at CURL.

At 14:00, room E349, Disrael Camargo Neves da Cunha (CURL, Louvain U.), will be talking about

Signatures of Cosmic Strings on the Dark Matter Distribution

In the first part of the talk, I will present a brief review of cosmic strings and some of its observational consequences. One of the observable object produced by a cosmic string is the wake, which is a high-density sheet-like structure in the matter distribution. The second part will be a description of the work arXiv:1508.02317 in which the stability of the wake is analyzed. The principal conclusion is that this object could be globally undisrupted until today. Finally, I will mention the consequences of this work for wake presence and possible detection in the large scale structures, using the results from N-body simulation of dark matter distribution with a wake: arXiv:1804.00083, arXiv:1810.07737