Cosmology Seminar

The next cosmology seminar takes place on Thursday 7th of April, seminar room E349 at 11am. Our guest speaker will be Fabien Lacasa from the Institut d’Astrophysique Spatiale (Orsay, France).

At 11:00, room E349, Fabien Lacasa (IAS), will be talking about

Cosmology with the cosmic web: the high resolution promise

The large scale structure of the Universe, the cosmic web, is a key probe for late-time cosmology, and is indeed targeted by several of the major observational efforts in the coming decades. However, its analysis is hampered by the complex non-linear dynamics it undergoes as structure grow. A lot of efforts has focused on the impact of non-linearity on the observables, in particular the power spectrum. However, the non-linearity also affects error bars, and thus the information content, by generating non-Gaussian tails that induce new covariance term. After sufficient introduction, I will present a first exhaustive derivation of the covariance of the galaxy angular power spectrum. The impact will then be presented for a baseline cosmological analysis up to mildly non-linear scale, showing decreasing returns. By contrast, I will finally show that there is a large motivation to jump more boldly and push into the strongly non-linear regime at high resolution.