Cosmology Seminar

The next cosmology seminar takes place on Friday 2nd of December, seminar room E349 at 2pm. Our guest speaker will be Davide Dal Cin from SISSA (Trieste, Italy).

At 2pm, room E349, Davide Dal Cin (SISSA), will be talking about

Planck-Scale Physics and the Peccei-Quinn inflation model

The radial direction of the Peccei-Quinn field can drive cosmic inflation, given a non-minimal coupling to gravity. This scenario has been considered to be capable of explaining inflation, the strong CP problem, and dark matter. We argue that Peccei-Quinn inflation is extremely sensitive to higher-dimensional operators. Further combining with the discussion on the axion quality required to solve the strong CP problem, we examine the validity of this scenario. We also show that a resonant amplification of the axion field is unavoidable after Peccei–Quinn inflation.