Cosmology Seminar

The next cosmology seminar takes place on Wednesday 5th of April, seminar room E349 at 2pm. Our guest speaker will be Danièle Steer from APC (Paris, France).

At 2pm, room E349, Danièle Steer (APC), will be talking about

Cosmology and distance measurements with gravitational wave observations

In this talk I will outline the main different methods on the market for measuring cosmological parameters (including modified gravity parameters) with GWs, and the main sources of errors in these measurements. Then I will highlight the current results on cosmological parameters obtained with the O3 run of LIGO-Virgo, as well as give predictions for future expectations. Finally I will go into more technical details and explain an analytical approach to estimate distance errors with GW observations (from any number of ground based interferometers placed at different positions on earth).