LISA is adopted

On this historic day, the European Space Agency (ESA) gave approval to LISA, the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna. This decision marks a significant milestone for the LISA mission as it signifies the acceptance of its design and scientific goals.

LISA will be the next-generation observatory in the field of gravitational waves, surpassing current terrestrial capabilities by exploring lower frequencies and longer timescales, opening up a new observation window into the universe. and technological innovation. The LISA definition study report, in which Pierre was a contributor, presents an in-depth analysis of the mission’s scientific rationale, design, and implementation plans, see Ref. [1]. It highlights the groundbreaking discoveries that LISA is expected to make

LISA spacecrafts

With ESA’s approval, the LISA mission moves one step closer to reality!


  • [1] Colpi M and others 2024 LISA Definition Study Report
    Abstract: arXiv:2402.07571