Matière noire: la piste des trous noirs

Together with a collaborator from UAM-IFT (Madrid), Juan Garcia-Bellido, we have recently published an article in the French science outreach magazine Pour la Science, entitled Matière noire: la piste des trous noirs. This article is available here. For the original English version, published in the Scientific American, see here.


In this article, [1] we review and explain the recent observations pointing towards the possilbe existence of massive primordial black holes, born less than one milli-second after the Big-Bang. Such primordial black holes could explain the origin of the Dark Matter in the Universe and provide the seeds of the super-massive black holes at the center of galaxies. Finding a firm observational evidence for even a single primordial black hole would revolutionize our understanding of the early Universe, and might help to resolve long-standing problems of cosmology and astrophysics.


  • [1] Garcia-Bellido J and Clesse S 2017 Black Holes from the Beginning of Time Sci. Am. 317 38–43
    Journal: 10.1038/scientificamerican0717-38